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Monday, June 04, 2007

Paradise lost - DU hits Hawaii

KITV Hawaii Video - Hawaii Depleted Uranium - Leuren Moret/ Bob Nichols Commentary - No Place is Safe. The US Army has contaminated Hawaii!
This is a devastating video on the use of forever lethal uranium weapons by the US Army in the former Paradise of Hawaii. The Army has contaminated Hawaii forever with a form of highly radioactive and deadly uranium weapons.
KITV Hawaii - Depleted Uranium Hawaii (2 Mins 33 Seconds) com/watch? v=L94IUSw54pQThe Psychopaths in the American Pentagon are methodically radiologically contaminating not only Iraq, Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia; but hundreds of sites in America like the fabled San Francisco Bay Area and Washington, DC.
According to super secretive memos declassified from the Manhattan Project there are only two reason to use Uranium weapons. One is to kill people and the other is to contaminate the land - forever.
Who are they trying to kill in Hawaii?
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