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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New film on gulf veterans against the war

Reveille! Reveille!, featuring Dennis Kyne, Jimmey Massey, Pat Resta and many other veterans of Iraq.

to purchase your copy today - http://www.dennisky eveille.html

In March 2005, the Iraq Veterans Against the War held their first national meeting in a hotel just outside Fort Bragg, NC. The small gathering proved too controversial to receive any notice from the mainstream media. Yet in less than a year, the organization grew from a handful of members to several hundred GIs and combat veterans of the “Global War on Terror.” As images of war crimes in Iraq began trickling back to the U.S. public these veterans emerged from the shadows to confirm atrocities committed in the name of freedom.
Reveille! Reveille! chronicles the Iraq Veterans Against the War in their earliest attempts to prevent further atrocities and regain their humanity. These films follow this generation of veterans from their initial gathering to their stand at the gates of the White House, which resulted in the largest mass arrest by U.S. Park Police since the Vietnam War. Reveille! Reveille! is an eye-opening experience for anyone who has questions about the war.

http://www.dennisky eveille.html


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