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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Belgian Parliament votes on DU Ban

117 Belgian votes for a ban on depleted uranium (DU) munitions
and armour

On Thursday 22th March the Belgian Chamber plenary sitting voted
the law proposal regarding depleted uranium munitions that was
unanimously approved by the Chamber Commission on National
Defence two weeks ago.
Again, the plenary sitting of the Parliament voted unanimously in
favor of this law proposal that will " prohibit the manufacture, use,
storage, sale, acquisition, supply and transit of inert munitions and
armour that contain depleted uranium or any other industrially
manufactured uranium ." Deputies Brigitte Wiaux (CdH), Zo√ęGenot
(Ecolo), Stef Goris (VLD) and Dirk Van der Maelen (political group
leader of SP.A and SPIRIT) appealed for a wide parliamentary
support of the law proposal.

All 117 parliamentarians, including extreme right, voted to ban
depleted uranium munitions and armor. Probably before the federal
elections, the law will be publicized in the Belgian Statute Book.

Willem Van den Panhuysen and Ria Verjauw, campaign leaders of
the Belgian Coalition 'Stop Uranium Weapons!' were surprised of
this tremendous political consensus to ban this type of weaponry.
Belgium is now the first country in the world to counter this
indiscriminate DU weapons relying on the precautionary principle.


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