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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Stop Uranum Wars - Mission Statement


Deceptively called 'Depleted', fallout from uranium weapons will still be poisoning the earth when the sun goes out.

Uranium coated tanks and bullets have been used by the US in both Gulf Wars. The resultant radioactivity lasts 4.5 billion years.

It is a war crime to attack living beings and the Earth with radioactive material of any kind!

Attempting to create a "treaty" is not useful because:

1. UN will never develop a "treaty" targeting the few countries using UW.

2. the US/UK would never ratify -- so we are left with the "operation of
existing law" argument in any legal action involving US.

3. There is not a State to carry this.

4. Even if there were, States control the text, not nongovernmental organizations, and what might be proposed would be seriously watered down -- endangering possible litigants.

5. Efforts to get treaties are very costly, and take many years and drain activist work. The present and future victims can't wait ten years!

We are NOT working on a ban, as UW is already banned.

Karen Parker, JD, delegate to the UN Commission on Human Rights since
1982, states that "A weapon made illegal only because there is a specific treaty
banning it is only illegal for countries that ratify such a treaty." However,
"a weapon that is illegal by operation of existing law is illegal for all

Parker provides legal advice to the UN on DU weapons and other matters of
humanitarian law.

"DU weaponry cannot possibly be legal in light of existing law," Parker
said."In evaluating whether a particular weapon is legal or illegal when there is
not a specific treaty, the whole of humanitarian law must be consulted,"
Parker states.

Because UW is illegal, we demand:

The Immediate cessation of the manufacture, deployment and use of uranum weapons

Immediate restitution of, and compensation for victims of uranium posioning

We support the petition at the Organization of American States to
discover the possible impacts of DU on the people of Fallujah attacked by the
US (


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